SPA Primer with Durandal, Knockout, and Breeze

John Papa had the fortune to join a cast of heavy hitters at the free DotNetConf live event. His session was a 50 minute primer on SPA that tells a story about what a SPA can do. Javier Lozano and Scott Hanselman hosted the free event through a Google Hangout, which turned out pretty cool. They have now made the videos freely available.

If you are looking to evaluate if SPA is right for you, I think you’ll enjoy this video. If you want more detail on “how” to build a SPA, you can check out John's full length courses at Pluralsight.



John has spent a lot of time lately with JavaScript both with and without libraries, and while he love's vanilla.js (just using JavaScript as it is powerful on its own), he prefers to take advantage of well built and stable libraries such as Durandal, Knockout and Breeze.