What Breeze can do for you

Breeze.js is a client side JavaScript library that manages rich data. Before Breeze existed, I wrote a SPA and it had 20 JavaScript files and modules for data management that total about 1550+ lines of code. I wrote all of this code to do a fraction of what Breeze does. It was painful to write and every time I added a new entity or CRUD method it got much bigger. I rewrote this logic using Breeze and ended up with 2 files (datacontext.js and model.js) and had 350+ lines of code, more functionality, and every time I add a new entity the code increases by just a few lines.

That’s 1/4 the code, about 1/4 the time, and a more value. Does that interest you?

John Papa blogs about Breeze's value for rich web apps.