Breeze, Data, and the Single Page App

Thursday, September 12, 2013
6:45 PM
Berkeley City College, Room 451A

Now that Single Page Apps are the rage, it’s all about picking the right JavaScript framework. Do you go with Knockout/Durandal, Angular, Ember or what? Even Facebook is joining the party with React.

These are all presentation frameworks … frameworks that give your app a pretty face. They have little to offer when it comes to data and business logic ( excepted). It’s as if data didn’t matter. You just throw a little ajax at the server and out comes JSON … some Todos perhaps. You are writing a Todo app, right?

If your app might require large data sets, graphs of interrelated entities, ad hoc queries, change notification, validation, dirty tracking, change-set saves, and local storage, you’ll appreciate another kind of JavaScript framework; a client-side, open source, data management framework called Breeze.

I’ll introduce you to Breeze, take it through its paces, show you how it works with a couple of presentation frameworks and lead you down the productivity path with ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, and SQL Server. Not everyone travels that path, so I’ll show you how a Breeze client can talk to a Node/Mongo server, or a Ruby on Rails REST server, or a service you don’t control (Edmunds, ESPN).

Even if you don’t think SPAs are your bag, it’s nice to know what’s possible … in case your boss drops by one day to say “we have to go mobile and get our app on every device out there”.