2013's top topics

Curious what our most frequently read topics were for 2013?

Here are the top five:

1. Web API Controller

A Breeze Web API controller and a BreezeJS client have a shared understanding about the nature and format of HTTP requests, responses and payloads.

2. Query Examples

Looking for a specifc query? Every query example on this page is in one of the queryTests modules of the DocCode sample. The tests are yours to explore and modify.

3. DbContext

The Basic Breeze teaching tests make requests for data services to an ASP.NET Web API controller. The controller forwards those requests to the .NET Entity Framework (EF).

4. Breeze NuGet packages

Breeze offers several NuGet packages for the .NET developer. The package (or packages) you need depend on your development scenario.

5. Web API Routing

The Breeze controller is discovered by Web API automatically. This topic documents how to configure Web API to route Breeze client requests to this controller and use it properly.

We'll save 2013's most popular samples for tomorrow.